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Serve More. Serve Faster. Serve Experience.

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Slow Service Results in Lost Sales

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Lost Sales are due to an Inefficient Sales Process

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Blackbook allows you to serve customers 3 times faster

*250 Capacity Venue

*250 Capacity Venue


Dramatically Elevate Profitability

  • Bartenders can serve 300% more customers in the same time period

  • Customers order more due to convenience and speed

  • Automatically up sell customers


Blackbook increases sales by 10-20%. Owners of a 200  capacity DC venue estimate they lose between $1000-$3,000 a weekend due to inefficient sales. That is $52,000-$156,000 a year lost. This same venue has seen Blackbook recover 50% of those lost sales every weekend. In another venue we increased their total sales by 25% on our first weekend!

Enhances Customer Experience

  • Customers spend more time with friends rather than wasting time waiting in lines

  • Orders come 3x times as fast

  • Customers can pre order so their drinks are waiting for them when they arrive


Blackbook reduces customer wait times to 100 seconds on average even during high volume times when other customers wait 10 minutes. Customers can wait where they want with their friends, dancing, watching sports or music rather than waiting in line. We even have customers ordering from their Uber so their drink is ready when they arrive.



Improve Bartender Retention

  • Automatic 20% tip

  • Bartenders can produce 3x as many times drinks serving Blackbook Customers

  • One touch order completion is far more convenient


We have increased tips by 7% in two of our DC venues. Bartenders can produce 3 times as many orders from Blackbook than they can from another customer, that means 3 times as many sales and 3 times as many tips!


4.8 Stars on the App Store

Blackbook is a no brainer for high volume bar owners.
— Brian Vasile, Owner of Grand Central
Blackbook saves time and increases tips, we love it.
— Manager
Blackbook definitely saves time, I love the app!
— Head Waitress
Blackbook is convenient and quick. It’s a game changer!
— Customer, App Store Review
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