The New Night Out


We founded Skipiit for one reason, experience.

We all go out to have a good time, a good experience. What makes a good experience?

Being with your friends.

But often our experience is interrupted by slow service, long lines, crowds, waiting... 

How many times have you experienced the anxiety and frustration of missing out on fun with your friends as you wait in line to get the next round?

We experienced it too many times at bars, concert venues, theaters and stadiums which resulted in us creating Skipiit.

Skipiit was designed to dramatically increase customer experience and capture lost sales for venues.

Our founding principles were to increase customer experience reducing wait times, and if you have to wait, then wait with your friends rather than in line.

This is exactly what Skipiit provides. Our drinks come up to 10 times faster than ordering at the bar. You can order from wherever you want with Skipiit and you get notified when your drink is ready, that means you never have to leave your friends!

Bartenders love our application because they can serve customers 3 times faster and receive higher tips. Venue owners receive higher sales as customers have no reason not to order.

The Skipiit Team

Serving more, Serving Faster, Serving Experience.