Is Skipiit free to download?

Yes it's free for customers and Venues

How / where do I pick up my drink?

You will receive a notification and a text when your order is ready. Then go to a pick up point at the bar, show your order number to the bartender who will give you your drink


Can I have my drink delivered to me?

Yes, if the venue has table, seat or sun bed delivery you can select your number and it will be delivered to you.


Will my drink get stolen or spiked?

No, drinks are held behind the bar until the bartender is presented with the correct order number, then they will give you your drink. It is the bars responsibility to keep your drinks safe and they do.


Can I order before I arrive?

Yes, we have customers who order from their Uber when they are on their way. However, drinks are made quickly so don't order to far ahead, we don't want your ice to melt!