Alan Campbell


William Goulding


Passion for perfection.


Remember that feeling when the bar is 5 deep and you’re trying to get a drink while your friend or date waits? How about when you are at a concert or stadium and you miss out on your favorite song because you went to get a drink?

Either you endure 10 mins of frustration and as you fight to the front and then compete for the bartender’s attention, or you just don’t bother ordering. For any social person this is an all too familiar experience, be it at a bar, concert,  festival, nightclub, theatre or stadium.

It was this feeling of frustration that motivated me to start Skipiit. Why was I missing out on quality time with my friends or not watching the game. Alan and I teamed up to solve this problem and give customers a better social experience when they go out.

Having been behind the bar myself I also understand the satisfaction of serving a customer fast and getting  tipped well for it. Bars are all about customer experience.

From an owner’s perspective I remember our bar owner saying how slow service leads to lost sales. In fact bar owners estimate a 250 capacity bar loses around $3,000 each weekend. That’s $144,000 a year lost for owners, and $28,800 in tips lost for bartenders.

Skipiit recoups around 50% of those lost sales, boosting sales by upto $72,000 a year. Now scale that up to from a 250 capacity venue to a 60,000 seat stadium…

Hospitality venues have greater potential, Skipiit helps them elevate and capture it.